My name is Fadwa,hailing from the ‘three seasons in one day’ beautiful Cape Town. Welcome to my blog. Hello World! Break out Girl. Where I write about the world seen through my eyes. A world where if you choose ;you can break the labels society tries to box you in. A world where you can be whoever you want to be!

I fancy myself a bit of an event manager, breast cancer ambassador, travel enthusiast, rock collector , and all round child of the world. I dabble in public relations, make up artistry and even though I am no fashionista I do love beautiful clothes, what girl doesn’t. I am a proud supporter of Women Supporting Women in Business.I will endeavor to cover all of these topics and more,except maybe rock collecting , because well, you know, I am not a Geologist.

If this blog does anything, my hope is that it inspires you to break out and live life on your terms. Take a risk, travel alone, explore your city, wear your party dress every day. Do whatever you want as long as it brings you happiness immeasurable and peace to your soul.

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