Lockdown : My New Normal!

Hello World , it’s June can you believe it. This year barely started, I was still recovering  from Kedezemba festivities and had just pulled off the biggest project in my 9-5 when we were hit with CoViD 19.

A few days before lockdown

When the president announced the 21 day lock-down which we all were expecting. I had already started mentally preparing myself; but how does one really prepare for something none of us could have ever imagined would be our reality . While I knew it would be hard  I welcomed the ‘break’. I mean how many times have I said that I was exhausted and needed some time out. I thought this would be the perfect time to reset, recharge and get my shit together. The day before lock-down , I went to the shop to stock up on essentials , my colleague lent me some books (chick lit) to endulge in some much needed reading time, I rearranged the spare room to accommodate a WFH (work from home) office and we were set .

Day 30 something of Lockdown

So after a two week extension and then another extension I felt a dip in my optimism . Without going into the gory details I became more  anxious than usual and negative about the whole situation that a week had flown by where I didn’t brush hair , I lost my motivation, basically just gave up & pitied myself.

Day 70 of lockdown

Boy has my life changed since then, thank you to a partner who rallied my friends and family for a Zoom call which pulled me out of my depression without them even realizing it.

I am still navigating my new normal but these are the things that have come up for me during lock-down which might help you adjust to your new normal.

For a long time working from home was a dream for me and I thought I would take too it like a duck to water but in reality it took me a few weeks to adjust to a new routine and a new way of working . To help me with this I try to stick to a routine.Getting up at a fairly ‘normal’ time just like I did when I went in to the office , getting dressed (sometimes I don’t put in as much effort as I did when going into office & sometimes I do ;when I do I treat myself to a body scrub, spritz my favourite perfume & pop on my fave Black Caviar lipstick ) and being in an area with little distraction.

My job is very much events orientated and with gatherings being prohibited I had to find new ways of doing my job.  Which now consists of Zoom events, virtual events & Insta lives. Not going to lie I am enjoying this part of my job more than I thought I would because it’s so much more challenging . I have found it very helpful scrolling through accounts on Instagram & watching videos on YouTube to inspire me to try different ways of introducing projects or events to my audience. I have also enrolled for a free digital marketing course on Shaw Academy to help me with my campaigns.

One of my joys being my monthly grocery shop is something that has also changed drastically as we are encouraged to only go out for essential items now.We go to the shop once a week & I’m getting better at stretching that to once every two weeks now by meal prepping, meal planning & trying to finish everything in the fridge before the next shop.. Hello egg fried rice ( our new ‘month end’ meal).

As a travel enthusiast , I am sad that we were due a holiday in September for a very special occasion but for obvious reasons this is not going to happen now . However I still need something to look forward too & will not let myself stop dreaming of new travel adventures. So while I have an opportunity to save even more I am still researching, working on our itinerary, watching vlogs for inspo and checking out Tripadvisor reviews on the hotels we want to stay at. Tripadvisor has been the number one tool I always use for reviews ; whether I am booking directly with the hotel, using booking.com or Airbnb.

Once busy bee’s we have now been forced to slow down. Since we work from home it has given us back two hours of our day which we used to spend in traffic .By the time we came home no one wanted to cook and this means we ordered in at least three times a week. Two extra hours means we have no excuses and have been eating home cooked meals ever since. I have spent more time perfecting dishes my mom used to make and I’m honestly not mad at it . I am finding Fatima Sydow recipes really helpful for authentic Cape Malay dishes.  Her recipes are easy to follow and fool proof.

And the biggest thing that has happened to me during lockdown is realizing that I need to find joy in everything I do from what I eat ,to my surroundings and what I wear ( using the Marie Kondo /KonMari Method when i tidy up). This concept is not foreign to me , in fact I first heard this term when my life coach Lynne Kock brought it up in one of our sessions. Now I am taking on a little bedroom project . I haven’t had an extreme makeover in over 10 years and it’s time to create space for a new vibe & a new time . My free time is spent watching home makeover vlogs , pricing items on my wishlist to see if I can DIY it or get it cheaper, this is another thing that has me looking forward to the future & keeping my spirits up. My boho bedroom of my dreams is loading and I can’t wait to share it with you as soon as it’s done.

My new normal is not knowing what the future holds but still trying my best to show up everyday . My faith has allowed me to still dream big dreams and just know that things will get better . I miss coffee dates, the ocean, dressing up and trying new restaurants & everything else I took for granted. Life will probably never be the same again but maybe that’s not a bad thing. As always thank you for reading xx All my love F xx

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