Trip to !Khwa ttu San Culture and Education Centre

Hello World. Its time to Break Out a travel post. Perfect timing as most of us are in lockdown & the only travelling we can do (right now) is armchair travel.

Rewind to December 2019, we had a short break before the Christmas & New Year’s eve madness and decided to take a little roadtrip. If you remember I posted a Road Trip Bucket list in the beginning of 2019 which you can read here.

I haven’t managed to tick off any of the route’s on my bucket list because 2019 went by in a blur and this time we wanted to travel closer to home & visit a place that peeked my interest every time we drove on the Westcoast Road.

After I made enquiries and  paid for a week stay, my anxiety set in. I am by no means the type of girl that liked camping but I just booked a week in the bush. The what if’s were too many too count. “Its a travel adventure” I tried to coax my brain into accepting my fate.

The day finally came, we arrived at Khwa ttu San just after 3 pm & collected our key.The first thing I saw as we drove up to our camping space was a pod of four or so tents with just enough space to provide some privacy from our neighbours, with the lapa area comfortingly close.  No one was home and we offloaded our luggage and went about setting up our space.  On our first night there we braai’d in the lapa area and this is where we met our neighbours for the first time, the little human of the family staying opposite us offered everyone marshmallows to roast and we settled in nicely.

!Khwa ttu San Culture and Education Centre is a centre of San culture and heritage that provides tailor-made training for young San women and men of Southern Africa.’ Just an hour away from Cape Town, situated in Yzerfontein, it offers a welcomed break from the city. Here you can book a guesthouse stay, the bush house or bush camp. With plenty of activities like San guided tours, ebiking & tea tasting you really are spoilt for choice if you decide not to venture out during the day. More information can be found on their website over here

Outdoor Shower

After breakfast( included in your room/bush tent) hire the following day we decided to take a drive to the Westcoast National Park.The place where the Langebaan footprints of ‘Eve’, a set of human footprints dating back 117 thousand years were found.


We spent the day eating fruit, taking a swim and soaking up the sun in Kraalbaai beach situated in the park. I have never been to Kraalbaai and can only describe it as picturesque, with the bluest blue water and silkiest sand. Houseboats line the lagoon and there are plenty of water sports if you are interested.

And this is how we spent our week here, either in the sun, reading a book, enjoying nature , driving through the nearby towns of Yzefontein & Darling or eating. A week well spent!

!Khwa ttu San Culture and Education Centre is a beautiful property, the bush camp is so tranquil and quiet that you have no other choice but to turn it down a few notches & relax. The staff made our stay here that much better, dealing with my requests with such professionalism, I am honoured that I had the opportunity to visit !Khwa ttu San. I will be back in a heartbeat xx

Until next time, thank you for reading & remember to #stayhome.






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