What’s on in Cape Town this weekend: Inertia

Hello World. How is the cold weather (Capetonians) treating ya? We were invited to the opening night of Inertia this past Tuesday evening and this inspired me to do a series of “What to do in Cape Town , in Winter” posts. I cant hibernate forever, or can I ?!

What to expect:
When two men wake up next to each other in a strange location with no memory or idea how they got there, they try to make sense of their situation and why they are so tired.
Inertia – a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged. The play follows the theme of SLOTH.
This play had me going through so many emotions, I was wrapped up in the story line from start to end. I havent been to theatre in a long time & I forgot how intimate a play can be. I love this.
This play was produced by  Mish Mash Media Productions who have also started a brand called “Mish Mash Moments”.” The plays they offer are not too long, they are affordable & available all year around. Mish Mash Media highlights LGBTQI characters and themes in 80% of their productions, empowering those who they feel have no voice.”
The director, the cast, writers & other creatives have poured their heart & soul into this production. Its evident. Support local, support the arts & support companies who make it easier for us to have access to plays like this. As always thank you for reading, all my love xx
Ps: I will be running a giveaway on my Instagram page, see you there xx

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