OOTD: Karoo

Hello World. I’m Breaking Out my first OOTD post for 2018.

Day two of the easter holiday saw us doing the most between breakfast, a failed easter Egg hunt & some work at the Old Mutual marathon after party hosted by Forrester Arms. After all that the only way to end the day was with a visit to Oude Molan Ecco Village. My nephew enjoyed some q.t with his horse Milo , who he knew for all of two seconds.

Before he could go riding we had to put everything on hold and take some blog pics. Can you blame me, the view was spectacular especially after some much needed rain.


Really glad I chose to wear this Karoo dress from Isabel de Villiers Spring\Summer 2017 collection as it’s the perfect ‘on the go’ dress. I picked up this dress and one more on sale, and I’m happy to report it’s still currently on sale on Spree.


I don’t know what it is about Isabel but she hits it out of the park every time . This woman just gets it . I had a chance to see her new Autumn 2018 range and I knew that she had hooked me forever.


Wishing you all a blessed Easter , with all my love F xx

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