How to travel the world…on a budget… in 5 easy steps!

Hello World! It’s time to Break Out another travel post.

When I get back from a trip I am always asked “ How do you AFFORD to travel“and I always think to myself “How can you afford not to”. Travel is not as expensive as you might think. Today I want to share my top five tips for traveling on a budget.

 1.Black Friday 

South Africa & the travel community has jumped on the Black Friday band wagon and it’s not a bad thing.  Travelstart Black Friday deals go for as little as R4000.00/ 288 USD for some international flights or less than R6000.00 / 432.00 USD to Thailand. How insane is that?!

While browsing the deals I entered a Spin & Win competition on Travelstart’s website & won a R50.00 voucher.

Besides Black Friday deals keep an eye out for mid month sales, annual sales or birthday sales. There’s always a “20 % off ” if you look hard enough.

BlackFlyday (1)
Travelstart’s Black Flyday Flight sale starts 24-27 November 2017

2.Research! Research!Research!

My criteria for traveling is: a)  cheapest destination & b) countries  I can enter that either offer a free 30 day tourist visa or a free visa on arrival. I then choose two destinations & find out when the off-peak season is, I check the exchange rate, the best season/time to travel and their accommodation rates.

Sunsets in Bali


If your dates are not set in stone you can literally save thousands. Always check how the price differs three days before your preferred date & three days after. If I have time I even check a month before/after.

If you are flexible with your destination you might be able to get a price drop too.  Last year I wanted to go to Bali. A day before I was supposed to leave ,when I did a comparison check the tickets to Turkey were coming in at such a good price . I ended up changing my plans and going to Turkey.

This year however I decided it was time to visit Bali, I had put it off far too long. After checking the prices from Cape Town to Bali it came in at R22000.00 /1584 USD for two people.Before booking I decided to do one last search & looked at leaving from Johannesburg instead of Cape Town. Am I glad I did that. My international portion of the trip amounted to R14000.00/ 1008 USD for two people. I then booked domestic flights from Cape Town to Johannesburg for R2500.00 / 180USD once again for two people.  I ended up saving R5500.00 / 396 USD. I booked this through Travelstart’s booking app called Flapp.

Ayasofya in Istanbul

4. Travel Insurance

Credit Cards are not always a bad thing. Most banks offer you free travel insurance when you book your tickets with your credit card. Always check which financial institution gives you the best deal, check what it covers & how much you are covered for.

Phi Phi Island


Start a travel fund, no matter how small your contribution is start saving. Sell any items you no longer need & deposit that money into your travel fund. If you have extra money coming in that you never expected , deposit it in your travel fund. Get my drift. Good. Now Save!

Beautiful Doha


“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page-“Saint Augustine
I fell in love with this quote when I came back from Thailand. And ever since then all I want to do is see the world. I wish the same for all of you! Happy Flyday shopping. As always thank you for reading. With all my love F xx



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  1. Great article! These tips are quite useful! We’ve been putting off travelling for so long simply because we find most of the options to be unaffordable but this article definitely helps to put things into perspective. Thanks for these! We will be putting them into use asap 🙂

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