MBFWCT Autumn/Winter April 2017

Hello World! A week ago I attended the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town #MBFWCT Autumn/Winter 2017 event. After being postponed due to our infamous wind, the second choice venue, Salt River studios was a dream. Imagine dusty railway lines as you driving up to the venue, vintage(read old) warehouses, add fashion and you have a recipe for success. What a stunning venue & perfect location for a photo shoot (if anyone is interested).

This year was the first time I attended MBFWCT as media/blogger. I have always attended as a member of the public because I want to support local wherever and whenever I can. I wish more people supported/attended MBFWCT , as some of the shows I attended were not filled to capacity as I thought it would be. And that is a shame! The talent on display filled my heart with African pride.

I also spotted some hot trends like turquoise tones as seen at Valentino and white feathers as seen at Balenciaga. However as much as the show was on par with international standards I loved the originality & interpretation of designers.

My favorite show by far was Afro Mod Trends. Their line “African Gatsby ” had so much sass it set my soul alight.

Below is a visual diary of the shows I attended, featuring my most loved pieces. If you wish to see more click here.

Adama Paris *image courtesy of AFI*
Afro Mod Trends *image courtesy of AFI*
Black Trash * image courtesy of AFI*
Cherrie-Couture_00006-640x480 (1)
Cherrie Couture *image courtesy of AFI*
Fashion-Revolution-28-640x480 (1)
Fashion Revolution *image courtesy of AFI*
Ituen Basi *image courtesy of AFI*
Jenevieve Lyons *image courtesy of Afi*
Kefseddy Designs *image courtesy of AFI*
Khosi Nkosi *image coutersy of AFI*
Leigh Schubert * image courtesy of AFI*
Orapeleng Modutle Style Avenue *image courtesy of AFI*
Quiteria George  *image courtesy of AFI*
Viniga *image courtesy of AFI*
Sweetie_00014-640x480 (1)
Sweetie *image courtesy of AFI*
Taibo Bacar *image courtesy of AFI*
Vernac *image courtesy of AFI*

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