30 Things I learnt in my thirties!


1. Mermaids are real and so are unicorns.

2. Netflix and chill will eventually turn to Amazon Prime and commitment. Fuckboys/ girls eventually fade and you find your person. Now you commit your time to series and cuddles.

3. Moms always know best.
Advice such as always wear sunscreen especially on your hands & neck area ,always buy handbags & shoes at the same time and make sure your hair is always done to pull your outfit together. She also had foresight to warn me about certain people , surprise surprise they lived up to her warnings. Thanks mamma.

4. Being Hangry is a Real thing.When i’m out shopping or doing errands and I become depressingly moody, 9/10 it’s because I have not eaten. Feeeddd Meeeeee!

5. Orgasms just keep on getting better. In your 20’s you shy about the issue at hand. In your 30’s you know what it takes to get you there and you are not afraid to be vocal about it.

6. Your Thoughts become your reality. The energy you put out is what you get back . You’ve heard this before, its cheesy but I’m sorry its true. I have too many examples of this in my life to believe otherwise.

7. Google search becomes your G.P.Your search history contains a lot of ” I have a … (insert weird ailment here), will i die? as well as ” what are the symptoms of … having a brain tumor“.

8. I finally learnt how to pronounce words like hors d’oeuvre and haute couture like a boss.

9. The Joy of Missing out is another real thing (JOMO). The highlight of my week  are when plans are broken. Napping, watching series, snacking and cuddling over everything. YASSS!

10. Chores are from the devil.I hate doing chores & will always hate it, in fact I would rather stab myself in the eye.

11.Cooking is therapeutic & gets easier .
Two years ago I was pretty shiiiite at cooking and never thought I would love it. I thought it was the toughest thing in the world. Today I am a MASTER! Well not really but I make a mean curry and creamy chicken pasta.

12. Always buy the shoes . “No point in being the richest bitch in the cemetery.”

13. Old school Hip hop is LIFE I tell you. There is nothing that will make you feel like you have your shit together , than perfectly executing line after line of some of your favorite classics.

14. “Everything you want is on the other side of fear” Jack Canfield. The thing you fear the most will happen, and once it does, anything that happens to you after that will be a breeze. You are a warrior!

15. You are the Adult now & still  it feels like you have no idea what you doing.I don’t know how or when this happened but I am now an adult and most of the time I’m just winging it tbh. You will never know what you doing. It’s okay.

16.Asking for help is a breeze.
You are confident enough to ask for help and to help when you are asked.

17. What people think of you is not of your concern
Peoples opinions of you don’t scare you as it used to. They either love you and if they don’t no big deal.

18. PMS gets worse .When i turn into a grumpy , moody, emotional hot mess I usually don’t know why I’m so weak ,until my period rears its head.

19. Travelling will make your soul  happy.It opens your world in ways you never knew were possible.

20. The proper bra will revolutionize your life.

21. Your tribe will change.
Friends are for a season or a reason. And that’s fine, as you change so will your tribe. Wish them well on their journey , don’t hold them back.

22. Your inner voice is loud and clear.
Your gut feeling gets sharper, stronger and more honed. When people don’t mean well, fake you , gossip or whatever you can feel it in the bottom of your gut. These are the people & situations to stay away from.

23 Red lipstick will always pull any outfit together and make you feel like you have the world at your feet.

24. You don’t have to follow the crowd. Be you always! Do what you feel is right, don’t just fit in, stand out, speak up ,even if you are criticized or hated for it.

25. Starting fights are fun.Sometimes if you are in a relationship you need to  randomly start a fight because it gives you an opportunity to get things off your chest, you argue passionately and then you make up. Ahhh… as good as a work out I tell you.

26. Your confidence reaches new levels. You own who you are unapologetically

27.The most dreaded words ever ” We need to talk” . Yup nothing’s changed there.

29. New shoes, an online order or a new hair cut will fix a bad day. Every time!

30. The best sushi will be found at the most dodgy places. Usually backstreet establishments, where no one speaks a word of English and you might get a massage or cupping while waiting, not in the same room though.

As always thank you for reading, keep on slaying xxx

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