Gold Restaurant

Wondering where to go for my birthday I started searching  for a restaurant to host the traditional birthday dinner celebration. I was looking for a place I’d never been before,  my only non-negotiable was that it needed to be halaal or halaal friendly. My interest was piqued when I kept seeing one name pop up in my search . Hello Gold Restaurant. Described as ‘A taste safari that will transport you from Table Mountain to Timbuktu.’ I emailed questions I had about meat suppliers to Cindy Muller, the Director of Gold Restaurant, and she was very forthcoming. Happy with her reply I made my booking and I waited for the day to arrive, bursting with excitement.

On arrival we were greeted by our hostess and seated on the third floor. Our waitress introduced herself and explained the evening’s proceedings. After our drinks order was taken we had some face-painting done and waited for the magic to happen.

For starters we had the Benne chicken salad from Cameroon, red pepper relish from Sierra Leone and Xhosa pot corn Bread. The bread was so fresh and tasted like home-baked goodness, paired with the relish this was undoubtedly one of my favorites.

Xhosa Pot Corn Bread

Next  we had Malawi sweet potato cakes and South African lamb & Ostrich Babotie Samoosas served with a traditional South African chutney. Yumbers!

Sweet potato cakes * Image courtesy of Gold Restaurant. 

Followed by the Tunisan Briouats which is a pastry filled potatoes and garlic.

Our main course was Tanzanian Fried fish with coconut and spinach, South African tomato bredie served with a traditional  Cape Malay Yellow rice. Accompanied by a mouth-watering Timbuktu Tabbouleh , (I loved this salad so much, I googled how to make it when I got home).Together with Egyptian red lentils, yogurt and Mozambican chilli chicken wings,the wings which were devilish hot, it made for a nice combination and complimented each other well.

South Africa lamb & Ostrich babotie samoosa & Tunisian briouats

Dessert was traditional South African pumpkin fritters and Almond cigars. I’m not a fritter fan but I enjoyed the ‘lightness the dessert’.

The food accompanied by the traditional dancing, of which there were three sets, made for an unforgettable evening . The live entertainment was amazing , even though admittedly I have a fear of puppets, with some coaxing I warmed up to the Mali Puppet. My best moment after dinner, was receiving a blessing of gold dust from the resident Queen.

Mali puppet *Picture courtesy of City sightseeing blog*

Please note: This is a set menu of which you can order more individual or sharing portions. Please do yourself a favor and book in advance as Gold Restaurant is quite popular  and gets pretty busy .

African Queen blessing guests by dusitng them with 24 carat gold dust.

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