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A few years ago I started a networking event called ‘Women Supporting Women in Business’. It is with this theme in mind that I want to introduce a Women Supporting Women in Business segment to the blog. I started this initiative as a way of connecting women within a network, empowering women and most importantly supporting women run and owned businesses. I encourage supporting local, because its simple, buying local not only promotes job creation, it stimulates our economy.It is my hope that we all move towards a culture of buying & supporting local.

While browsing and looking for local I came across Isabel De Villiers. Isabel invited me to her studio where I had an opportunity to fit and feel her garments. The prints and sheer comfort of her wrap dress had me in heaven! I love the clean lines and simplicity of her garments which fits you like a second skin. Limited amounts of each style are produced to ensure exclusivity and quality of each garment.

Autumn/Winter 2016 Dark Secrets and White Lies

Launched in 2012 the Isabel De Villiers label had a vision to design for women of all shapes and sizes. With her sizing ranging from 32 to 48, no longer does plus sized shopping need to be an exercise of frustration.

As Isabel says ‘I am very proud to be part of the Plus Size activists of South Africa. There is a lot of negative talk about the word ‘plus size’. Your size is not a reflection of who you are. The word should not be taken seriously. Curvy sizes/Plus sizes: celebrate your body, don’t put it in a box with a label on it. Rather focus on celebrating all the strong, confident, independent women around you. We have some amazing plus size women paving the way: Meg from Mind the Curves, Lala from Plus size is me, Candice from a Gorgeous Life, just to name a few.’ I couldn’t agree more, break the label and you free the femme divine.

Mesh Insert Jumpsuit

I asked Isabel to share her top five wardrobe must have’s with us:

1. Underwear: Every great look starts with amazing, supportive underwear.
2. The Wrap Dress: The only dress that flatters any shape & size. Young & Old, Printed /Plain. You can’t go wrong with a wrap dress.
3. A Pencil skirt: To shape and accentuate your body
4. A Shirt Dress: Dressed up or down, it’s a winner
5. Jumpsuit: Effortless dressing at its best.

Thank you for reading and for loving local!

Cape Dress


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