To thine own self be true

On Sunday while browsing blogs I came across a post which talks about Dove and the self esteem project. Their vision is of a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety. This project launched in 2004 allows them to work with leading experts offering a program to develop and increase body confidence and self-esteem in young people.

This got me thinking about my confidence and where it comes from and the fact that not many are as fortunate. Self assurance and confidence is not something I was born with. Growing up I was lucky enough to be surrounded and exposed to women of strength . My mom cultivated messages of self love through self care and fashion. Another person of influence¬†was Dr Eve, a pioneer in sexual health and rights education. As a teenager I listened to her on radio religiously and she changed the type of conversations I was having with myself. The universe placed her on my path much later in life and I had an opportunity to work with her on a range of events hosted to fund cancer research and patient services. And when she authored ‘Pillow book’ I finally had the permission I sought to live a life of sensuality.

These experiences have helped me become self assured and taught me how to love myself. This does not mean that I do not have days where I struggle. Some days I don’t even like myself let alone love myself. But to help me in times of self doubt, I turn to my network of go to women who are like minded. Women who build me up. Women who can celebrate my successes and me theirs. These women are powerful, they make no excuses and hold their own.

To help get you started on your own self esteem project I have created a board on Pinterest and below you can watch the Dove Change One Thing | How our girls see themselves video for the self esteem project. As they say change starts with you !

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