Body Positive

The body positive movement has captured my heart so much so that my days are spent reading every blog post , looking at every Instagram picture and absorbing every story . They have brought to life my words, conversations , and my struggles .Battles  I conquered day by day in the smallest way without realising it until now.

Thank you Gabi Fresh , Nicolette Mason, Allison Teng, Callie Thorpe, Tanesha Awasthi,  Mind the curves, Lauren from all about that bass,Trendy Curvy and the countless others for paving the way.

Tanesha Awasthi

These  feel good stories are my daily motivators. Looking back I wish I had these affirmations and positivity whilst growing up in a world that dictated how your body needed to look. And if you did not fit in the mould cast by society you were left to feel flawed.

Being fat can not be the worst thing to be in life, can it? Welcome a new age, of body loving. Acceptance for, all regardless of our size!!!


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  1. You’ve never been one to be completely limited by societal propaganda and that’s why I love that you writing about this, it sure will help another breakoutgirl somewhere! beautifully written.

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