Monday Must have’s: Skincare for Eczema sufferers.

Hello World. Don’t you just hate when you have an itch you cant scratch?! For as long as I can remember I’ve been suffering from eczema.  Eczema to me is … that itch I just cannot scratch. Urghhh.

My skin has become easier to deal with over the years but I still have really bad break outs. Which just worsens as the season changes & the days heat up. Summer time is my best and worst time. Best because long summer days make me feel happier. Worst because I breakout in the ugliest rash on my chest , hands & arms whenever the sun touches my skin & it doesn’t really matter that I’m a sunscreen fanatic.

Needless to say I have tried every remedy out there. Bathed in tea (rooibos tea) applied aloe gel & calamine lotion that contains an anesthetic just to deaden the skin and take away the itch. That itching feeling drives me crazy. I freeze facecloths, sometimes wrap the area in gauze and a hundred other things.

In my search to find the perfect remedy I have found two things that work for me. The first is a homemade mask which gives my face a radiant glow.  I’ve been using this mask for almost 7 years now. I take one egg and a teaspoon of honey , mix it up and apply to my face until it sets like a mask. The egg because of the protein improves the dryness & tightens my skin while the honey with its antibacterial properties calms my breakout. I love this because it does the trick every time.

Woolworths Raw honey & Eggs for Face Mask and Shezen Rehydrating bath


My second  saving grace,  that I’ve been using for approximately three or four years now is the Shezen Re-hydrating Bath. I apply this to my rash and I immediately feel a difference. My inflamed skin feels moisturized & not so raw from all the scratching. This product contains Shea Butter, calendula and sweet almond oil. I don’t know if its the Shea butter with its anti-inflammatory properties or the combination of oils but it really does wonders for my skin. I buy mine here if you interested.

Ps: I also use this as a lip scrub. My matte lippies come off easily, which is great because I only wear matte lipsticks now & it dries out my lips so much.

In the mean time, I’m still doing some research on natural toners & moisturizers. I have so far found the most recommended cleanser to be coconut oil (go figure, coconut oil will fix your life) & toner to be apple cider vinegar mixed with mineral water.  I am still at a loss as far as a anti-aging moisturizer is concerned but I will find it. For now I use E45 (as a moisturizer)  & hemorrhoid cream (for wrinkles) when I remember .

If you have any suggestions for me please comment below. I would love any tips on whats worked for you. As always thank you for reading & Happy Monday lurvlies xxx

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  1. Oh wow. I didn’t realize it was so difficult to deal with! One of my nephews has it and I’ve never asked how my sister deals with it. Thanks for opening my eyes!

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